How to Make Money Online
How to Make Money Online

Nowadays, the most popular profession in the world is now online job. This profession has freedom, unlimited income and benefits, so now everyone is interested in this profession. Let’s discuss this profession in detail below…

Some Options for how to make money online, for 

    • Freelancing 
    • Content Create
    • Online Surveys and market research
    • Online Teaching and Tutoring
    • E-commerce business
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Photography and Art
    •  Remote Support work
    • Online investment business
    • Printing on demand
    • App and software development
    • Online Gaming and Streaming
    • YouTube channel and Create a video 

    There are more options for earning or making money online for beginners and fresher people, so try it now.

    If you read full post then you know how to make money


    How to start freelancing in beginner-to-step-to-step

    First, need to find a freelancing marketplace, for your work submission and earning or making money.

    Many more have freelancing workplaces, but the most popular workplace is now….. 

    How to create a Fiverr Account?

      • Browse 
      • Click “Join” 
      • Create a new account
      • Submit your information (must fill up the required information)
      • Activation of Your account from the mail 
      • Click activation on your account
      • Click Profile icon
      • setup full setting information (name, mail, billing information, or others)
      • must be set up with your billing information and banking information
      • Verification of your phone number
      • Set security question 
      • Click profile and create a Gig (this Gig is the most important for earning money, so try to best) 
      • No other Gig copy and paste (if you copy-paste other Gigs, Fiverr suspends you and your Gig) 

      Noted for Your Fiverr account must not try this 

        • Not allow others GIG copy and Paste (if copy & paste then your gig and your account are suspended)
        •  Create Your Gig must be unique from others creating Gigs. (if you create the same Gig, then no benefit to this Gig)
        • your age is 18 years old? OK you are allowed this workplace otherwise you are not allowed

        How to create a Account?

          • Browse 
          • Click “Join” 
          • Create a new account (sign up account)
          • Submit your information
          • select account types ” I work here ”
          • Add skills ” web designer, apps developer”, etc
          • setup profile picture
          • Add a description of what do 
          • Verification of your phone number
          • add billing address and bank information
          • submit your mail address
          • active your mail
          • Click the profile and apply job for to earn money with

          How to Make Money in E-commerce?

          Many more options in the e-commerce business, for example 

            • Affiliate marketing website and product
            • digital product selling in online
            • create WooCommerce website

            E-commerce business place is more area so create your website and start your online shop and business and brighten your life and business.

            What is Affiliate Marketing?

            Affiliate marketing is product marketing and Canvassing in the Digital marketplace worldwide. Many more e-commerce websites or e-commerce companies have given affiliate marketing commissions for product affiliate marketing. For example Amazon, Alibaba, Daraz, and any e-commerce website.

            How to Affiliate Marketing?

            Affiliate marketing is the most earning way in online earning. 

              • First, create your account in an affiliate company or website
              • Select affiliate product
              • Create affiliate link
              • Share with your friends and other people and sell affiliate products from your affiliate link
              • Then take your commissions from this product

              How to Make Money from Content Creating?

              If you enjoy creating content, this works for you. The content creator has some steps, for examples 

                • First, create and develop your website
                • Create your blog post 
                • Create your content (standard content need)
                • Publish your website 
                • SEO your Site and content
                • Add Google AdSense

                How to earn from online Gaming and Streaming?

                Do you like playing games? So gaming and streaming earning for you. If you want gaming and streaming, follow this step

                Name of Game for playing and earning 

                  • PUBG Battlegrounds PUBG battle royale shooter gameplay 1 billion players worldwide. This game is popular for Extreme battles in 10-minute matches, play anytime, anywhere! And any person because this game for free and easy to play. Many more people make money by streaming gameplay on PUBG battlegrounds and earning from ads, Subscription donations, etc.
                  • The Garena Free Fire, The Garena Free Fire game, is free to play from 2019 for mobile. And now 1 billion users/ players download this game for play from the Google Play Store. So try and earn your money from this place. 
                  • Clash of Clans, this Clash of Clans game is the most popular game for mobile users. Clash of Clans plays and streams and earns money from this.

                  How to earn from Remote Work at Home?

                  A Lot of ways to earn money from remote work at home. First, choose your Working category, then take and Bright your Experience. The best remote work at home is freelancing work

                    • IT support at home.
                    • Customer support work
                    • Freelancing 
                    • Data entry 
                    • Virtual Assistance 
                    • software Development etc.

                    Many more companies give remote work opportunities in many more fields, so find your remote job and earn your money at remote work.

                    How to earn in online teaching and tutoring?

                    teaching online

                    If you have an Expert on a particular subject, start your earning in teaching and tuition. There are many more subjects in this workplace, for example,

                      • Web design 
                      • Web development
                      • Digital Marketing 
                      • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
                      • System Administrator, 
                      • Networking
                      • Educational Subject (mathematics, English, biology, any others) 

                      Teaching and Tuition for every subject earns money and bright your career

                      Remember that earning money online must need to be more requires time and more experience. So prepare for your experience, find your online job, and earn money easily.


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