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Does your Shark robot need to connect to a Wi-Fi network? OK, you’re connecting your Shark robot to Wi-Fi is a straightforward process. Follow some rules from below Step by step…

Prepare Shark Robot

First, need to prepare your shark robot. Ensure that your shark robot vacuum is charged and turned on. And next work is to place it in an open area with good Wi-Fi signal strength. Don’t Choose locations where your Wi-Fi network signal does not or is weak.

Download The Shark Clean App

If you have not already downloaded and installed. Now, first, download the Shark Clean app and install it on your smartphone or tablet. You can find the App on the App Store (Apple iOS devices) or Google Play Store for Android devices.

How to Download Shark Clean Apps

For iPhone and iPad iOS

    • Apple App Store Open on Your iPhone or iPad
    •  Search Click 
    • Types “Shark Clean” or Click Now
    • Enter
    • Now show the Official “Shark Clean” App
    • Open the App page
    • Find the ”Download” button
    • Click “Download”
    • You may need to authenticate the download using your Apple ID Password Face ID or Touch ID
    • Now the App will download and install on your Device.
    • After the installation is complete, you can find the “Shark Clean” app on your home screen 
    • Now open this App.

    Download for Android for Smartphone

      • Open the Google Play Store on your Android Device
      • Click Search Button
      • Type “Shark Clean” or Click Now
      • Enter
      • Show the Official “Shark Clean” App the results
      • Now find the Apps 
      • Click
      • Click Install Button
      • Now start installing on your device
      • If the installation is complete
      • Now find Shark Clean on your Smartphone home page
      • Open now

      Create or log your Shark Clean Account

      Open Sharkclean App

        • Click “Sign Up” or “Create Account” 
        • If Already have your account now “Login from Home Page”
        • Enter Your Information 
        • Mail address or password
        • Verify Your mail Address (open your mail, then click verification)
        • Complete your account

        Add Shark Robot

        Open and log in to the “Shark Clean” App. Now add your shark robot on-screen instruction. This typically involves selecting the specific model of your shark robot and confirming that setup mode.

        Bluetooth and Location options

        Enable your smartphone’s Bluetooth. And additionally enable location services for the Shark Clean app. Some features may require location information to function properly.

        So make sure your smartphone is Bluetooth or location. 

        Wi-Fi Connection

        At first, likely need to select your home Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks and enter your Wi-Fi password. Wait a sometimes

        Test your Connection

        Customize setting (optional)


            • Oh, Now your Shark robot is successfully connected to Wi-Fi, you can conveniently control and monitor it using the Shark Clean app from your smartphone or tablet.

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