Mac Keyboard
Mac Keyboard

Some shortcut techniques are needed to do all the work very quickly. Which makes work very easy and smart. There are several shortcuts to make the work of the Mac keyboard very easy and smart. I will discuss all shortcuts key below…

Mac Shortcut Key

Mac Symbols Shown in Menus

Some Keys in Mac that is a major key in the Mac keyboard. To use the shortcut key first press and hold one or more modifier keys then press the last key of the shortcut.

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Mac Keyboard

Mac Force Quit Shortcut

Sometimes many more apps do not close in Mac. But need to close these apps. If this place, mouse, or task pad does not work. Now use the shortcut keyboard.

For Force Quit  Option + Command + ESC            

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Common Mac keyboard Shortcuts

Have a more shortcut but we have some common shortcut keys show in below

    • Command + C used for select item copy. 
    • Command + V Use for a copy item paste. 
    • Command + X Select item cut. 
    • Command + Z Use for undo Previous command. 
    • Command + A for All items select
    • Command + F find items. 
    • Command + S this use for Save document. 
    • Command + O use for Open document.
    • Command + W Close the front window.
    • Shift + Command + 3 this command use for all display screen short.
    • Shift + Command + 4 this command use for customize display screen short.
    • Shift + Command + 5 this command use for video recording display screen short.
    • Command + R use for mac Boot menu

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    How to Set up Touch ID in Macbook

      • Go Apple icon 
      • System Security 
      • Touch Id & password
      • Add Fingerprints
      • Enter mac user password
      • Ok
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