macOS Sonoma
macOS Sonoma

Apple macOS update means something is new and excellent. So in macOS Sonoma 14.0 updating. This macOS a many more updates in this Sonoma OS version 14.0. We will discuss below with Sonoma version 14.0

About macOS Sonoma version 14.0

MacOS Sonoma is a new version for Mac. The Apple Inc. The company Releases the Sonoma macOS version 14.0 on 26 September 2023 for their Users. macOS Sonoma official website link is and this is for x86, 64 bits or ARM64 base. The most important new macOS Sonoma is the first version of macOS to be only run on AIO and portable Mac with Retina Display, as it drops support for the 21.5 inch 2017 iMac and 2017 MacBook Pro.

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Screen Savers Update in macOS Sonoma version 14.0

macOS Sonoma is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for Mac computers, released in September 2023. It offers new features for video conferencing, gaming, widgets, and Safari, as well as stunning new screen savers

macOS Sonoma version 14.0 adds many more and many types of screen savers. This screen saver is 

  • Slow-motion screen savers
  • Breathtaking locations from around the world
  • The screen sever looks beautiful on your large Mac display.
  • When you log in, they seamlessly become your desktop wallpaper.
macOS Sonoma

Video Conference Tools

Apple Inc updated its macOS to add many more video conferencing tools.  Presenter overlay keeps you front and center while sharing your screen in FaceTime or third-party video conferencing apps to Mac with Apple silicon. and layer 3d effects like hearts, balloons, confetti, and more around you in video calls and conferences.

Widget Colour Options set

If don’t use your desktop, then interactive desktop widgets fade into the background by taking on a monochrome style and allowing you to concentrate on the active app or Windows.

If you change or use these features, follow this instruction.

  • Click Apple icon 
  • System setting 
  • Then Desktop and Dock 
  • And set Widgets

FaceTime Update Features

MacOS changes the FaceTime setting and the same tools and video effects. And Add more reactions in FaceTime or video conference for example Zoom meetings and other video conferencing, a place. And reactions include love, like, dislike, rain, balloons, lasers, and fireworks. Most importantly, some reactions are even triggered automatically by the user’s physical actions.

System Setting Navigation

System navigation some changes this macOS in Ventura apple replaced system preferences with system settings to align it iOS and iPadOS but the way controls were organized left many users waiting. This same system setting interface remains in macOS Sonoma. 

MacOS Add Security in Safari Browser

Add a new feature in the Safari browser called profiles. It helps keep your browser separate for different use cases like work school and personal

If you need to change or update the Safari browser setting, please click and follow this instruction. 

  • Browser Safari 
  • Setting 
  • create custom profiles 
  • choose a symbol

Keyboard Input and Dictation Seamless

Sonoma’s new features support simultaneous use of keyboard input and dictation. 

If set this your keyboard follow

    • System Setting 
    • Keyboard

Presenter Overlay

If in call or conferences at FaceTime to Zoom, then click hold the green traffic light in the corner of open Windows and see a screen sharing option. for new presenters, an overlay feature can be used to keep you on screen and better able to point to details.

Caps Lock

If caps lock enables your keyboard in macOS Sonoma a handy indicator appears right near the cursor, so likely to TYPE and get passwords wrong. 

And Others Update

  • Dock Web Apps
  • Open Notes on pages
  • Show and Hide Desktop
  • iPhone Widgets on your Mac
  • Text Prediction
  • Link From a List of Notes
  • Link Notes together
  • Managing PDF in Notes
  •  Safari Favicons
  • Remove All URL Tracking
  • Find Messages Faster
  • Choose Counter Stage Camera
  • Studio Light and Background Blue
  •  Disable pointer Acceleration
  • Per Website App Extension Setting
  • Private Browsing Authentication
  • Set Private Browsing Search Engine
  • Clean Up Verification Codes
  • Share Passwords with Family
  • Automatically Close Safari Tabs
  • Wallpaper to Screen Saver
  • Copy iCloud link
  • Communication Safety 
  • High-performance Screen Sharing
  • Activate Game Mode
  • Easier Autocorrect Editing
  • Notes Formatting Additions
  • Audio Message Improvements
  • Share an AirTag 
  • Hey Siri 
  • Reminder List Column View
  • Reminder Grocery Lists
  • Weathers Units
  • Auto Hide Menu Bar Options 
  • People and Pets
  • iCloud passwords Extension
  • System Setting in Spotlight
  • Customize Text Size per app
  • Identify mail attachment downloads
  • Sensitive Content Warnings 
  • Add only Calendar Access
  • Visual Look-Up Enhancements 

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